Tallis is a suite of software tools to support authoring, publishing and enacting of clinical knowledge applications over the web: applications designed to support the management of medical procedures and clinical decision making at the point of care.

The Tallis Composer is a graphical editor that supports the authoring process. The resulting clinical knowledge application can then be tested in the Tallis Tester. Finally, the Tallis Engine enables the execution of the clinical application over the web.

Tallis is built on PROforma, a language for modelling clinical processes.

Tallis download

Tallis technology can be downloaded for research use by members of non-profit organisations, subject to signing a non-disclosure agreement with Cancer Research Technology (CRT), Cancer Research UK, London. The relevant information follows:
  • Non-disclosure agreement for academic use of Tallis technology
  • Contact details for Cancer Research Technology, London

    Tallis Training

    Extended training materials (documentation, tutorials, samples) to help create, publish and enact clinical knowledge applications over the web are provided on this site under Tallis Training.