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Tallis Composer User Interface: Overview

Composer UI Tour

The figure below is a screen capture of Tallis Composer 1.4.

Process-descriptions are displayed in Tallis both in a network view and in a tree view:

  • The tree view displays the process-description’s hierarchical structure
  • The network view displays task ordering according to scheduling constraints

You can view and edit task properties in the Task Properties window.

  • To display a task’s properties, click on the task in the tree or in the network area.
  • Note that you can hide the Task Properties to view more of the network area.

The hierarchy of a process-description is based on plans: each plan defines a new level in the hierarchy.

  • You can view all the plans and their contents at a glance in the tree view.
  • The network view is more suited for viewing the contents of one plan at a time.

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View the user interface in action:

Try using it yourself:

Browse through a simple process-description:

  • Cold And Flu Guide
  • If you have installed the Tallis Toolset, you can find this sample in the World > Samples folder in the ACL Web Repository.
  • Run this sample file
  • Click here for a detailed description of this sample.

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