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Tallis Composer User Interface: Advanced Task Manipulations

Linking a task

Linking is best applied when you want to access the same task functionality from more than one place in your process-description.

Linked tasks share a common task definition, and therefore the values of most task properties. Consequently, when the properties of one task are modified, the other task’s properties are updated accordingly. However, certain properties are specific to task instances, and they can have different values:

  • Cycle properties (cycle number, cycle until, cycle interval)
  • Optional
  • Automatic

You can only link tasks that are contained within different plans - tasks that belong to the same plan cannot be linked. Furthermore, you can only link tasks of the same type.

To link one task to another, select the task you want to link. Note that The values of the task properties of this task will be replaced with the values of the task properties of the task you will link to.

Select Edit > Link to Task (you can also click Link to Task on the pop-up menu, or click the Link to Task button on the toolbar ).

A dialog appears containing all linkable tasks. Select the task that you want to link to, and click OK. The task’s name will be set so that both tasks now have the same name.

Note: You can create a copy of an existing task without sharing task properties by using Copy & Paste.

Inserting a Process-Description as a plan

Importing an existing Process-Description into your current Process-Description

You can insert an existing process-description into the process-description you are currently working on. The existing process-description is inserted as a plan.

Insert a keystone into your current process-description. This keystone will eventually be replaced by a plan, which will contain the inserted process-description.

To insert a locally saved process-description, click the Load Local Process-Description As Component  button on the toolbar (or right click and select Local Import from the pop-up menu).

To insert a web repository process-description, click the Load Repository Process-Description As Component  button on the toolbar (or right click and select Web Repository Import from the pop-up menu).

Select the requested process-description, and click Open (or Load).

The keystone is replaced with a plan that takes its name from the top-level plan of the inserted process-description.

An error message appears if there are conflicts between the current process-description you are working on and the process-description you are trying to insert, such as identical task names in the two processes. You need to resolve any such conflicts before inserting the process-description.

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