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Tallis Composer User Interface: Enacting a Process-Description

Verifying a Process-Description

Before enacting a process-description you can search for syntactic and basic semantic errors in the process by using the Verify tool.

Select Run > Verify (or click the Verify button on the toolbar .

The Process-Description Verification Report dialog appears. In the upper panel is a list of all the tasks containing errors. The lower panel displays error details for the selected task. When you select a task in the dialog, it is also selected in the work area (tree & network). The report dialog is modeless; it can remain on screen while you make the necessary changes to your process-description; click Update to re-verify the process-description. The Cancel button closes the report dialog.

Running a Process-Description in the Tester

Running a Process-Description in the Tester

You can test and debug a process-description by running it in the Tallis Tester.

Select Run > Run In Tester (or click the Run In Tester button on the toolbar ).

The process-description is first verified. If no errors are found, the Tallis Tester is launched and the process-description is enacted.


  • User interface modifications such as customised web pages do not appear in the Tallis Tester.
  • Due to the Web Enactment being based around a sequential set of web pages (rather than a set of interactive panels as in the Tester) there are certain other minor differences in the runtime behaviour (most notably concerning the relationship between sources and enquiries).

Running a Process-Description in a Web Browser

Running a Process-Description in a web browser

You can enact a process-description in a web browser by submitting it to a web enactment server.

If you have one or more enactment servers set up, you can run the current process-description on the default enactment server by selecting Run > Run in Web Browser (Default Enactment Servers) (or by clicking the Run in Web Browser button on the toolbar .

To select between multiple enactment servers, select Run > Run In Web Browser…. The Enactment Servers dialog appears. From the drop-down list box, select the server configuration with which you want to run the process-description, and click Enact.

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