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Tallis Composer User Interface: Web Enactment Servers

You can enact a process-description in a web browser by submitting it to either a local or a remote web enactment server.

Configuring Web Enactment Servers

Select Run > Configure Web Enactment Servers (or click the Configure Web Enactment Servers button on the toolbar ).

The Enactment Servers Configuration dialog appears. Click Add to add a new sever configuration.

In the Add Server Configuration dialog, enter the server URL (e.g.: www.openclinical.org), and the enactment application (e.g.: newkpc).

Click OK to confirm the Add Server Configuration dialog.

The first server configuration that is added automatically becomes the default server configuration. It will be the configuration used when running a process-description in a web browser. You can make any configuration the default one by selecting it and clicking Set as Default.

Click OK to confirm the Enactment Servers Configuration dialog.

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