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Tallis Composer User Interface: Repository Explorer

The Repository Explorer can be used to manage repository files and folders, and to enact repository process-descriptions on a server.

To access the Repository Explorer, select Repository > Explorer.

The figure below shows the Repository Explorer. The left panel contains a list of the files and folders in the repository. This list can be filtered by the View Mode radio-buttons to display:

  • All Folders
  • Home Folders – the folder you were assigned when your account was created
  • Group Folders – select a group from the drop-down list to display folders of users that belong to that group

Object nodes in the repository tree can be of two types:

  •  Process-descriptions
  •  Data definitions

When you select a process-description file, the file details are displayed in the right panel.

To enact a process-description, select it and click Enact Guidel…. Use the New Folder, Rename and Delete toolbar buttons to manage files and folders.

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