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Customising the Standard Web Enactment Interface: Overview

Customising the Standard Web Enactment Interface

The Tallis Web Enactment application dynamically generates standard web pages that take the end-user through a process-description’s component tasks.

In most cases this is adequate, but if required, the standard web pages can be replaced by web pages customised for an individual process-description. Often the ability to use a pre-compiled, customised page would greatly enhance the enactment and user experience. Customised pages enable more control over the layout of enactment web pages and over the way information is present to the user. They provide the ability to add additional functions and tools to complement the process-description, such as images, links to further information and supporting material, widgets and even applets to aid the user during the enactment process. Using standard JSP tag libraries, it is also possible to perform additional functions at the server, such as automated database queries and mail processing.

Customising the standard web enactment interface can involve as little as modifying some task attributes in a XML mapping file. Otherwise, customised pages can be created for specific tasks, supplementing the standard html page with customised content or with an applet. Apart from modifying specific task pages, it is also possible to modify the web application itself. This document provides an introduction to the customisation of standard task pages. For a more detailed account of web-enactment customisation see Tallis Interface Primer.

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