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Inserting a Decision

On the Tallis toolbar are buttons for the different task types:

To insert a decision, click on the purple circle shaped button and then click in the network area to place the decision.

Decision Attributes

By default, decisions are non-automatic. This means that the candidates are displayed to the end-user, who must then select one of them. The candidates are displayed along with an indication as to whether they are recommended by the Tallis Engine or not. If a decision is automatic, the candidates are not displayed to the end-user, and the recommended candidate with the highest netsupport or priority is committed automatically by the Tallis Engine.

Candidates Tab

Apart from the common task attributes, decisions also have a Candidate List: a list of the options to choose from when making a decision.

Sources Tab

Another property of decisions that should be noted is sources. Sources are requests for data. They are typically defined within enquiries, but they can also be defined in the Sources tab of a decision. When defined within a decision, these requests for data have to be fulfilled for the decision to complete. For more information about sources see Getting Started > Enquiries, Sources, and Data Definitions.

Properties Tab

  • Candidate Selection: By default, only one candidate can be committed for a given decision. To change this behaviour and allow for multiple selection, select Single Selection in the Candidate Selection field.
  • Support Type: Support type is determined per decision. By default, symbolic support is used when defining arguments for candidates. To use numeric support, select Numeric in the Support Type field.

See Also

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