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Candidates define the different options for a given decision.

Creating Candidates

To create a new candidate, enter the following information in the Candidates tab:

Name An alphanumeric string representing the candidate’s ID (e.g.: ReferToGeneticist).
Description A text string displayed to the end-user as one of the decision options when the decision is enacted (e.g.: The patient is eligible for referral to a geneticist).

Note: The Dynamic checkbox should be checked if the description contains data items to be evaluated and displayed at runtime.
Priority An integer value representing the a-priori importance of the candidate (if several candidates have the same netsupport, candidate priority is used to determine the order in which they are displayed to the end-user).

Note: Although priority is primarily used to order candidates for display, it can sometimes affect which candidate gets committed. For example, in an automatic, single selection decision, if more than one candidate is recommended, the one with the highest priority is committed.

When all the data is entered, click Add.

The new candidate will be added to the Candidate List.

Next, arguments and recommendation rules have to be defined for each candidate.

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