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Installing the Tallis Authoring Suite


Tony Rose (July 2003)



The Installation Procedure


This document tells you how to install and run the following tools:

  • The Tallis Composer, which allows you to visually create, edit, and save PROforma guidelines.
  • The Tallis Tester, which provides a GUI interface that allows you to step through or “enact” a PROforma guideline and observe the changes that occur in the guideline state.

The Installation Procedure

The Composer and Tester can be installed manually by unzipping a set of jar and batch files into a folder of your choice. Alternatively, for Windows users only, we provide an InstallShield script, which will perform the installation automatically. Both installation procedures are explained below.

Manual Installation

Before manually installing the Tallis Composer and Enactor on your machine you need to ensure that a suitable version of the Java 2 platform has been installed. See Installing the Java Virtual Machine for details.

Once a suitable Java platform has been installed, you need to download the file “tallis_clientside_toolset.zip” and extract it into a folder of your choice. The folder into which you have extracted the files should now include a batch file named “run.bat”, which will run the Composer. The Tester may be invoked via an icon on the Composer toolbar.

If you are using a non-windows machine then you will need to edit ‘run.bat’ so that it is executable on your machine (the batch file contains only one command, so the editing should be quite straightforward).

Installing the Java Virtual Machine

In order to manually install the Tallis Composer and Tester you must first make sure that the Java 2 platform (version 1.4 or greater) has been installed on your machine and that the executable file java.exe is in your path. You can test whether this has been done as follows:

  1. Open a command line window.
  2. Type java –version

The system should respond by printing the version of the Java platform installed on your system. If you do not get a suitable response or if the version of Java is not 1.4 or greater then you need to install the Java platform and/or ensure that the executable file java.exe is in your path.

The Java 2 platform may be downloaded from: http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads.html

Using the InstallShield Script

The Composer and Tester may be installed on a Windows machine by downloading and running the Installshield script TallisSetup_win32.exe. You do not need to install the Java platform before running the above Installshield script - if the script does not find a suitable Java platform on your machine it will install one for you.


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