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Publishing - Web Repositories

You can use the web repositories to share process-descriptions with other users. Save your process-descriptions on remote servers to allow other users to download and/or enact them.

Configuring Web Repository Servers

Select Repository > Configure Repository Servers.

The Repository Servers Configuration dialog appears. Click Add to add a new sever configuration.

In the New Repository Server Configuration dialog, enter the Server URL (e.g.: www.openclinical.org) and the Repository Application (e.g.: newRepositoryService). You can enter the User Name and the Password now, or when you first log in.

Click OK to confirm the New Repository Server Configuration dialog.

The first server configuration that is added automatically becomes the default server configuration. It will be the selected configuration in the drop-down list box of the Repository Login dialog. You can make any configuration the default one by selecting it and clicking Set as Default.

Click OK to confirm the Repository Servers Configuration dialog.

To access the Guest account on the ACL Web Repository enter the following details:

Server URL: www.openclinical.org
Repository Application: newRepositoryService
Enactment Application: newkpc
User Name: Guest
Password: testpass

Note: All users have read and write access to files in the Guest account.

Enacting a Process-Description from a Repository

Select Repository > Explorer…. If you are logged in the Repository Explorer window appears, otherwise you are prompted to log in.

Browse to find the process-description you wish to enact. Select it and click the Enact button.

Note: Depending on the definition of your user account, your access to folders on the repository may be restricted.

Downloading from and Saving to Repositories

To download a process description from a web repository select Repository > Load Process Description.

To save a process description to a web repository select Repository > Save Process Description.

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