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Chronic Cough

The Chronic Cough sample models simplified segments of a Chronic Cough management guideline (American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine's guideline for managing chronic cough). The modeled segments assists clinicians in determining whether or not to order chest radiographs before beginning treatment, in determining the cause of the cough, and in interpreting the results of the esophageal pH monitoring test. This sample provides an illustration of the shift from a written guideline to a PROforma process.

Have a look at this sample to get a better idea of how to use PROforma to:

  • Collect data
  • Make decisions
  • Order tasks so that they run consecutively
  • Invoke tasks or prevent tasks from running if certain conditions are met

Key Features

  • Run or discard tasks (Precondition)
  • Decision making (Multiple selection of candidates; modified decision rule)


If you have installed the Tallis Toolset, you can find this sample in the World > Samples folder in the ACL Web Repository.

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This model is based on a model that was created as part of a study comparing six computer-interpretable guideline models (Peleg M, Tu S, Bury J, Ciccarese P, Fox J, Greenes RA, Hall R, Johnson PD, Jones N, Kumar A, Miksch S, Quaglini S, Seyfang A, Shortliffe EH, Stefanelli M. Comparing computer-interpretable guideline models: a case-study approach. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 Jan-Feb;10(1):52-68.)


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