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The Early Referrals Application (ERA) is an interactive decision support tool to support General Practitioners in identifying those patients with suspected cancer that should be referred under the 2-week standard outlined by the Department of Health's "Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer".

It demonstrates several things you can do with PROforma:

  • Collect data (Patient Information, symptoms, examinations, investigations)
  • Create a decision based on results of an enquiry (the referral decisions)
  • Create a task that runs only if certain conditions are met (the referral actions depend on the results of the referral decisions)
  • Offer the end-user a choice between tasks (the Cancer plans have Event Triggers, and so the clinician can determine which one to invoke)

Key Features

  • Triggerable tasks & task menu


If you have installed the Tallis Toolset, you can find this sample in the World > Samples folder in the ACL Web Repository.

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