Tallis Training

0. Introduction

The Tallis tutorial will take you step-by-step through the different stages of constructing a process-description. In each tutorial chapter you will be working with the process-description produced in the previous chapter, so you can either follow the suggested sequence, or download for each chapter the process-description file you will be working with (If you have installed the Tallis Toolset, you can find these process-descriptions in the World > Tutorials folder in the ACL Web Repository).

The process-description created throughout the tutorial will simulate a diagnosis and treatment protocol for patients presenting with unexplained weight loss. The medical content is greatly simplified for the purpose of this exercise.

We hope that when you finish this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Create and run a simple task process (chapter 1)
  • Collect data (chapter 2)
  • Terminate a process (chapter 3)
  • Create a decision based on results of an enquiry (chapter 4a and chapter 4b)
  • Create a task that runs only if certain conditions are met (chapter 5)
  • Create a task that re-executes N times or until a certain condition is met (chapter 6)
  • Run a process-description in a web browser (chapter 7)

References to user-interface components and images in the tutorial chapters relate to Tallis Composer version 1.4. For a brief overview of the main user-interface elements of the Tallis Composer, see Tallis Composer 1.4 screen layout in the Getting Started section of the Tallis Online Help.

If you are not familiar with PROforma, you might want to read through the Basic PROforma concepts.

Before you start creating the process-description, have a look at the final result. Click here to see the completed computerised protocol enacted online in a web browser.

Now all you have to do is launch Tallis Composer, and click here to start the first chapter.

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