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Useful task attributes: Cyclic tasks

Tasks with cycle attributes are re-activated after completion. The number of re-activations can be either predetermined by a fixed number or dynamically determined by a condition that has to be met for a task to stop cycling. Tasks can be re-activated immediately once completed, or after a certain time interval has passed.

Cycle until An expression defining the conditions under which a task will stop cycling.

Note: To create a task that cycles indefinitely, type forever() in the cycle until field.

The Reduce fever plan should continue to cycle until the expression Temperature = < 100 becomes true.
Number of cycles An integer defining the number of times a task will be repeated.

The Take blood sample action needs to be executed twice in a Glucose Tolerance test.
Cycle Interval An integer defining the time interval between cycles (the time unit is hours).

There should be a 2-hour interval between each execution of the Take blood sample action in a Glucose Tolerance test.

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