Vivek Patkar

Vivek is currently working as a clinical lead on IRC's CREDO project. He has also recently started work on a PhD in the area of evidential argumentation and shared decision-making.

Vivek worked at Cancer Research UK from 2003-2006 as a Clinical Fellow involved in designing and conducting a research trial to evaluate the impact of PROforma decision support technology on breast surgeons decision-making. Before joining Cancer Research he worked as a registrar in the breast unit of Guy's hospital.

Vivek studied medicine at Grant Medical College in Bombay University {1991- 1996}. He was awarded an MS (Masters in Surgery) in General Surgery in 1999. He worked at Tata Memorial Hospital between 1997 and 2002 in various subspecialties of surgical oncology before committing to a career in breast oncosurgery. He recently gained his MRCS in Surgery from Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

Research interests

Vivek's current research focuses on bringing together literature evidence and patients' values in the process of clinical decision-making, using argumentation frameworks. Vivek's other research interests are studying the biological processes underling tumour growth, progression and metastasis. At Tata Memorial Hospital he worked with Prof. I Mittra on apoptosis and cell transformation.

Outside interests

Trekking, mountaineering and Hindustani classical music.


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